Wood Boiler Plans

Looking for wood boiler plans?

An outdoor wood boiler is the way to go.

By having the wood burning stove outside, you have no mess, smoke or the potential fire danger that comes with indoor wood burners. 

The wood boiler construction course “How I saved Thousands with my Home Built Wood Boiler made from the Junkyard” is a complete step by step course on e-book and DVD movie were you will learn how to build an outdoor wood boiler from parts you probably allready have laying around or can easily pick up at the local junkyard.

And do it at a fraction of the cost of buying a new outdoor wood boiler.


Unlike many homemade wood boiler plans, this course also covers step by step several ways to harness the heat from your boiler and get it into your house.

It also comes complete with online resources and a support forum. 


Check out JunkyardBoiler.com to learn more.